• Anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, specific anxiety disorders (phobias), excessive nervousness, irrational, unfounded fears
  • Depressive disorders
  • Reactive, post-traumatic or stress-related reactions to major life changes, life events or conflicts; processing of hurtful experiences (e.g. in relationships or career)
  • Problems with self-esteem, such as severe self-doubt and insecurity, feelings of inferiority, doubt in one’s own abilities and achievements, emotional instability, excessive feelings of guilt or painful pangs of conscience
  • Somatopsychic disorders: psychological effects of physical illnesses
  • Psychosomatic complaints such as fatigue syndromes or “burnout”, tension and restlessness, sleep disorders, pain disorders, cardiovascular and digestive problems, motor, sensitivity and sensory disorders, eating disorders, physical complaints with no physically detectable causes
  • Support and counselling for competitive/elite athletes