What sets the Center for Positive Change apart is that it extends and integrates strength-oriented approaches such as ›positive psychology‹ and ›Appreciative Inquiry‹ with techniques of pausing and movement.

Strength-oriented counselling approaches such as ›positive psychology‹ and ›Appreciative Inquiry‹ focus the attention on what has been successfully achieved so far. They encourage changes in perspective, and strengthen the ability to discover new individual or organizational energies and to keep moving within the process of change.

An old proverb tells us ›At one point in the river, the water is never the same‹. The aim is to experience this point of stillness in the midst of movement, even in processes of change. This ›still point‹ enables us to perceive things as they are. It gives us both orientation and clarity. Meditative techniques help us to prolong our stay in this still point.

Orientation and clarity the recognition of opportunities and strengths: this gives us the space and freedom to organize changes successfully.